Kelston Islamic Centre

45 Cartwright Road, Kelston, Auckland 0602, New Zealand

BismillahiRahmani Rahim,

Kelston Islamic Centre, primarily serves Muslims of Kelston and its adjourning suburbs of West Auckland as a mosque. These include five daily prayers with Jamat, Jumah, full Quran Tarawih prayers, youth and ladies’ programmes, daily Madarsah classes, Jammat and now, Milaad programmes.

Kelston Masjid, previously under Abu Huraira Trust came into existence in August 2003. Prior to this, a group of local residents began congregating for Salah, Jummah & Tarawih prayers at Brother Azeem’s resident, which developed into the idea of establishing a local place of worship. As such, Abu Huraira Trust was formed and a property, previously mechanical workshop, was purchased. And so, began the journey of Kelston Masjid.

On 16th August 2018, Abu Huraira Trust transferred the property to New Zealand Muslim Association (NZMA) Incorporated. Lead by Brother Mohammed Fazal (administrator), NZMA-Kelston Branch was established and an interim committee appointed. The interim committee, with assistance from local worshippers, successfully continued all prayers and Islamic programmes, until a new committee was elected in February 2020.

The current Masjid committee would like to acknowledge the hard work and contributions of past committee members and contributors.

We hope you enjoy praying at Kelston Masjid, may your prayers be accepted by All Mighty Allah.


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