NZ Muslims condemn unprovoked Israeli harassments and attacks on Palestinian civilians

New Zealand Muslims are calling on the NZ Government to impress upon the Israel Government to immediately stop harassing and attacking Palestinian civilians attending the prayers at Al Aqsa Mosque during this holy month of Ramadhan.

So far, 50 Palestinians have been arrested and over 100 have been injured since the belligerent Israeli occupying forces have started this violent campaign against the innocent Palestinian civilians especially during the Ramadhan period.

The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ, the umbrella organisation for New Zealand Muslims), expressed its deep concern about the unprovoked Israeli attacks perpetrated by the right-wing Israeli settlers.

“The Palestinian civilians were exercising their legitimate right attending special prayers at Al Aqsa Mosque during this holy month of Ramadhan and resting outside the Damascus gate,” said FIANZ President, Ibrar Sheikh.

“Israel right-wing settlers have no regard for the sanctity of Palestinian Arabs. The unprovoked blatant attack by the Israeli occupying forces against unarmed civilians is against human decency”, said Mr Ibrar.

“Time and again, Israel has seriously violated international law and taken advantage of the silence of the international community.”

FIANZ strongly condemns the heavy-handedness of Israeli forces and the unruly Israeli right-wing settlers.

The Federation is calling on the New Zealand Government and other world leaders, to strongly censure Israel for such unprovoked attacks against the civilian population of Palestinian Arabs.


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