CORONAVIRUS -Alert Warning Systems

Alert warning for prayers at NZMA Mosques & Centres
Ponsonby – Ranui – Avondale – Birkenhead – Kelston

As per our PM’s latest announcement regarding new alert systems about saving lives, and urging all New Zealanders to think about the effects coronavirus on their loved ones.
“It’s not about whether or not you’re worried about yourself. Its that you should be worried about those around you, so _please take it seriously. This is about saving lives”.

Our country is facing new challenges in the fight against Covid-19. For the first time, there are now cases of the virus that are not linked to overseas travel, raising the threat of potential community transmission, which is very alarming and cause for great concern.

New Zealand has moved into threat level two, it means that the virus is contained but the risk is growing. This is when we have to move to reduce our contact with one another, physical distancing and closing of public venues.

Our places of worship and the physical nature of our prayers could potentially put us in a very highrisk situation.

We as a community group need to do our part in the fight against this virus and work with the government and the health authorities advice and in protecting the welfare of our members and the wider public of New Zealand.
This is a very fluid situation and things are changing by the hour, therefore we cannot afford to take any chances. It is in this light and after major deliberation and due consideration, NZMA is hereby giving notice to our community that from lsha prayer 9.00pm tonight 21 March 2020 all our mosques and centres will be closed for all prayers until further notice.

We advise everyone to pray at homes with their loved ones and to make dua for the help from Allah swt to remove this virus from us all.

This ruling will be strictly policed and we don’t want to be in a position that we have to refuse entry to anyone in the mosque & centres and cause a scene of embarrassment. In these trying times and this unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in, we ask for your understanding and cooperation and to do your part in helping our people and our country.
We will keep you posted as the situation evolves.

We pray to Allah swt for his mercy and protection of our community and the wider public of New Zealand.

lkhlaq Kashkari – President
Shayaz Khan – Secretary
Mohammed Fazal – Vice President
Dated – 21 March 2020 at 9.00pm
Auckland, New Zealand