Ramadan is a time where Muslims fast from sun rise to sun set. At the time to break the fast (Iftar) muslims gather at the local mosques with friends and family to break their fast with dates, water and sweets followed by dinner. Avondale Islamic Centre invited friends from the local Baptist church, the local police and neighbours. The attendees at the official iftar at AIC on the Sunday 3 June 2018, included police officers, representatives from church groups, missionary members, visitors from South Africa, and about 40 to 50 newly converted Muslims, among them Māori as well as those of European descent. Generally each Iftar is sponsored by an individual or a group and anyone could bring a plate to share. This act of feeding a fasting person in the month of Ramadan is considered to be a cleansing and rewarding and at the same time seeking Allah’s blessings.

Many new faces are seen every day with the mosques buzzing with activity, The beautiful sense of brotherhood, sisterhood and unity made the mosques a happy environment. Some pictures at the NZMA mosques, Avondale Islamic Centre, Birkenhead Islamic Centre, Ponsonby Mosque and Ranui West Auckland Mosque.

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