Avondale Islamic Centre

122-126 Blockhouse Bay Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026, New Zealand
Email: Avondale@nzma.kiwi.nz
Phone: 09 974 2742

BismillahiRahmani Rahim,
Avondale Islamic Centre (AIC), in Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand. Primarily serves as a mosque, providing a place to conduct the five daily prayers and extra devotional prayers such as Ramadan night prayers (tarawih) for males and females. However, the Centre also offers a number of wide ranging services, including event hosting facilities, teaching and a multi-purpose area with a car park for over 25 vehicles.

The Avondale Islamic Centre (AIC) came in existence in 1998. The centre had interesting history. The existing building on the site was previously a church, which was swapped for large section of land and a school building in Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand.

Due to the lack of information from past committees, we have elaborated on the recent committee which has transformed and refurbished AIC to the present state.

With the election of Abdul Nasir as chairman for AIC representing NZMA executive committee in January 2013 a new era dawned, giving light and hope to the regular musallies of AIC. He carefully selected a team representing various communities with skills required for the dream plan of uplifting AIC to a masjid that will cater to the needs of the growing Muslim population in the Avondale and suburbs close by.

The Plan of Action:

In eight weeks to refurbish the interior of the Ladies and Men’s prayer halls, in-order to be ready for Ramadan in July 2013 on a limited budget. While the plans were drawn up, a few volunteer embarked on fixing the roof on the ladies hall, finding the carpets and walls were in bad way, they worked late at nights to complete the hall with a new heat pump, new carpets, donated by generous brother, fixed roof and ceiling, with new entrance door way and the outside side area cleaned out so the ladies can have an area for meals. The toilets were all fixed to include a shower and fittings.

With funding and appeals slowly coming in the men’s hall was started with the consent of the committee with just six weeks to Ramadan. NZMA was informed of our intentions to go ahead with shoe string budget. The contractors and his team worked overtime, in most cases offering their time and labour free. The sloping floor (old church) was stripped and replaced with a level floor over a weekend, and then the side walls and ceiling were stripped to install pink-batts insulation to retain the heat and hopefully reduce on the massive electricity bills each month.

While the new frame work for the suspended ceiling were constructed the old window were removed to make way for new double glazed windows and doors with now only 10 days to go for Ramadan All of us pitching in to help in various ways. With the help of our expert cook, we had to resort to offering lunch and soft drinks on odd occasions to engage the youth to help with clearing away debris and boost the morale of the workers. We managed to sell some old stuff on trade-me to raise funds; some were donated to other masjids and needy organisations.

Br. Yusuf Khan got into the job, even with his ailing heart condition, working late at night with the electricians to start their work of laying new wiring copper tubing for the lights and heat pumps before the Jib board was placed over the insulation and plastered ready for painting with now five days to go. The plastering and stopping (covering the nail holes and edges for a smooth finish) on the wall took a few days as it need time to dry before painting can commence. This was a nail biting time for most of us, but still did not give up hope, deep down we trusted in Allah.

Meanwhile all prayers were conducted in the lower end of the men’s hall close to the kitchen area, making sure the existing PA system worked with extra carpeting and screens to keep warm and prevent dust getting into the prayer area.  Br. Jahangir Hussain was busy running around organising signage and hall logistic management for Jumma and regular prayers, while  AnizBhamji was a great help, he stepped in and took control to transport many of the office items into storage as we did not have a big enough storage. We need to thank him for the countless amount of soft drinks and snacks provided to the all the musallies who helped in filling up the rubbish bins.

The old office was converted to an open plan to include shoe racks, sitting, drying off area on wet and cold days, enclosed by a new set of double glazed doors at the entrance and another set of similar doors entering the main prayer hall acting as a stop gap for cold wind entering the masjid. This area is not yet completed as we are in need of urgent funding to complete the payment for the doors, new PA system and other related costs.

A new set of doors now separate the main hall from the lower hall by the kitchen area. This preserves the warmth in the main men’s salaat hall and the lower hall serves as a function/meeting area where food can be served. Hisham Zaoui was busy with his Graphic skills in getting calligraphy images for the glass doors and also helping with to raise funds for the Masjid. We thank all the people from the bottom of our hearts, who stepped in to help in cleaning-up the insides and outside of the masjid preparing for Ramadan.

Finally with just three days to go the painting was started by Omar Afghan working non-stop to finish a fantastic job of three coats of paint right on time on 7th July 2013. The carpets were laid the next day with trimmings and then installation of the PA system and speakers, brand new sets of two crystal chandeliers donated by a regular brother, finally the heat pump and last bit of finishing touches so that we could pray our Isha and Tarawih prayers on the 10 July 2013 for the fasting commencing on the 11th July 2013.

Alhamdulillah! We completed the men’s prayer hall in time for Ramadan with the Grace of Allah. In April 2014 a Bangladeshi brother donated the tiles for the entrance area and shoe rack hall. We hope you enjoy praying at Avondale Islamic Centre, may your prayers be accepted by All Mighty Allah.

AIC was closed by the management in May 2014, due to various internal/external issues. This was an unfortunate incident that many regular worshippers would like to put it in the past. Br. Haider Lone from NZMA stepped up to take over the reigns of AIC, taking control of a difficult situation to maintain security of the premises at the expense of his health and safety. AIC was finally opened for payers on Friday 13 March 2015 under the leadership of Haider Lone as Administrator and a team of helpers.

Renovation has commenced on the ladies area to repair the damage caused by a recent fire and will hopefully have this area completed before Ramadan – 18 June 2015. We have a lot of support from the community and with the grace of Allah we will get their.

Committee contact details

Zahid Malawiya– Branch Chairman Mobile: 021 147 8599,  Email: zmalawiya@hotmail.com

AIC Bank details:
BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS : 12-3033-0614950-00
REF : Your Full Name followed by: AICMOSQUE
Contact: Aruf Khan: 021 216 9309 or
Email: arufkhan@xtra.co.nz for a receipt.