NZMA Janaza Service

The New Zealand Muslim Association (NZMA) is equipped to provide all necessary services associated with Muslim burial. NZMA has designated spaces at four major cemeteries across Auckland these include, Waikumete, Manukau Gardens, Schnapper Rock and Wainui cemeteries.  NZMA has all necessary facilities and resources to perform washing (ghusl) and shrouding (Kaffan) of the dead body.  It also has a dedicated team of volunteers to assist with the funeral arrangements.

NZMA provides its service free of costs, however, costs incurred for burial services are recovered from deceased’s family.  The cost of Islamic burial service is between $5,200 to $6,500 depending on the day and time of burial. Auckland Council additional charges apply for burials after 3pm and weekends.

NZMA recognises death is very traumatising for the bereaved family and its volunteers try its utmost to support the bereaved families.  Our volunteers maintain the highest standards in providing a high quality, professional quality care.

The services offered by the NZMA include but are not limited to:

  • Removing the deceased’s body from place of death and transporting to our local facility.
  • Arrange burial booking with cemetery for soonest appointment available.
  • Washing (Ghusl) and shrouding (Kaffan) of body.
  • Perform the Janaza Prayer.
  • Transporting deceased person from Janaza prayer to cemetery.
  • All preparations are done under strict Islamic guidelines.
Burial at Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland Price incl. GST (2018)
Muslim section plot only $ 4,133.00
Weekend charge $ 420.00
Public holiday charge $ 980.00
After 3.30pm charge $ 465.00
Arrival 30 minutes after booked time $ 103.00
Materials: Kaffan & grave support wooden structure $900.00
Transport, washing (ghusl), prayer service Free

Auckland Cemeteries

NZMA has designated spaces at four major cemeteries across Auckland these include:

1. Waikumete Cemetery at 4128 Great North Rd, Glen Eden
2. Manukau Memorial Gardens at 361 Puhinui Rd, Papatoetoe
3. Schnapper Rock Cemetry at 235 Schnapper Rock Rd, Schnapper Rock
4. Wainui Cemetery at 29 Cemetery Rd, Wainui

The following is the procedure to be followed when a death occurs:

  1. Deceased family to obtain a death certificate from the doctor in attendance or the Hospital.
  2. Authorised person of the bereaved family to be present to receive the body (Hospital requirement).
  3. Fill the Application for Burial – Auckland Council form,
  4. Attach scanned copy of death certificate and email to in order to secure a booking in the cemetery.
  5. Hand a copy of the above completed forms to the NZMA Janaza service co-ordinator.
  6. If you have a pre-purchased grave plot, kindly indicate it on the above form, with proof of pre-purchase certificate.
  7. If it is a child burial, please provide the approximate length of the corpse so the grave to be dug accordingly.

Once the above steps are completed contact the NZMA Janaza Service on 0800 526 2292 and we will make arrangements for the funeral of your deceased. An invoice will be sent to the family from NZMA for burial costs to be paid within 21 days (Stipulated by Auckland Council in avoiding interest fees charged to NZMA).